$34,000 for my 34th Birthday!

Two weeks ago I was sitting on our Africa New Life bus waiting to go on a hope visit with our U.S. Executive Director’s team. I turned my head and saw the cutest little boy walk onto the bus. It was Cedrick! Cedrick has been in our Dream Boys program since the beginning of this year. I have always noticed him…because how can you not?!?

DSC_0148I was shocked that our hope visit was for him. My co-worker began to tell us a little about Cedrick’s story and my heart became heavy. I turned around to the back of the bus and looked at my friend Elizabeth. All she said was “oh boy!” She knew I needed to sponsor him and so did I. God has really given me a heart for our special medical cases here in Rwanda. Cedrick’s mom died giving birth to him and his father is currently in prison. While he was living with his step-mother she got angry and decided to burn his foot for no reason.


We got off the bus and walked up to his house…I had been there before! I couldn’t believe it. I did a story on Mama Ingabire at the end of last year. She is a volunteer at our church and offered to take care of Cedrick and his sister so they could have a safe home to stay in. She fell to her knees and thanked God when she found out I was now sponsoring him. Our awesome nurse at the Dream Center helps to take care of his foot and now Cedrick is speaking more and learning a little English in his tutoring program. People now know me as “Cedrick’s sponsor”. He has tons of energy, loves to play with soccer balls, and has a hard time following rules…like I said “I’m Cedrick’s sponsor”. I guess we take after each other.


​(photo: Esther Havens)
This past week when I was helping Esther Havens and her friend Constance cover stories in Kageyo we found out one of our student’s lost their father to malaria. My friend Jennifer sponsors Dalphine so we decided to bless the family with food, love, and pray for them. Esther and Constance had met Dalphine and her family last year when Africa New Life did a food story on them. Finding out that she had lost her father to malaria was heartbreaking. Most of the time malaria can be helped when treated quickly and properly. Just a few days ago we also found out one of our little boys in Kageyo passed away. He was sent back home from the hospital without proper tests being done and passed away later that evening.
Hearing stories like these only makes me want our medical clinic built more and more! For my 34th birthday, in lieu of gifts or material items, I would like to raise $34,000 for the Africa New Life Medical Clinic. All donations are 100% tax deductible through Africa New Life.
I am challenging all my friends, family, mentors, co-workers, and loved ones to make a donation to our medical clinic. My goal is to raise all $34,000 by 8/8/15!! 
I have complete faith in the Lord and can’t wait to see people from all over the world come together to donate for this amazing cause.
To make a donation click here:
Thankful for you!

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